Fall into Yoga this Autumn 2019!

We have created a special 4-Month Unlimited Membership to accompany you through this Fall season.

When the Summer heat subsides, our body, mind & spirit require a different type of energy nourishment to help us transition between the Summer(fire element) energy to the Winter (water element) energy. 

Our body craves warmer foods, we spend longer periods indoors, our mind suddenly manifests more focused and introspective, our soul begins a process of letting go similar to the trees shedding their leaves to the ground.

We want to be by your side as you unfold this Autumn. 


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Why are we moving? How is the new studio going to be?

A bit of history recap always helps to get a clearer perspective on the future. The first time Daniela envisioned the yoga studio in the 4th floor was already several years ago. She saw through the DEISS elevator the respective floor, looked very similar to the 5th. floor but without walls! Perfect for a yoga studio. The 4th. floor used to be the DEISS shoe shop’s storage room, it was equipped with a special metal structure to store thousands of shoe pairs in the less possible space.

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