Yoga Teachers for Every Style.

Our teachers bring inspiring inputs to class from diverse sources like Yoga Philosophy, Native American Traditions, Art Theory & Practice, Buddhism, Tao, Science, Engineering, Design and more.


Daniela Fuentes


Daniela is a designer/artist/curator who discovered Yoga in the late 90’s during her Design studies in Mexico City. Yoga spoke to the body’s memories of her gymnast years from early childhood and her innate spiritual curiosity. She began practicing at the age of 17 and after more than 15 years of practice and many different phases, Yoga practice has become a tool in her life that plays a very important role in her perspectives, relationships and creative work. Daniela has studied with many teachers and various methods of Yoga, but the most informing source to her teachings are her own yoga and creative practice, a geeky, secretive obsession on learning about the Psyche and, moreover, her curious mind.

Daniela’s classes are a mix of chants, philosophical-thought-provoking inputs with day-to-day examples, sound & breath awereness, body-intelligent flowy asana (yoga poses) sequences, hands-on assist through which you receive tremendous loads loving wisdom cultivated through her many years of practice and teaching, meditation & relaxation. You may find her connecting Yoga philosophy with Art theory one day, and then another talking about the incredible potential of Vinyasa practice on Neuroplasticity.

She likes to conceive “yogis” as random people who -as David Swenson wisely said once- leave a place a little bit better than how they found it. Advanced Yoga practice is in Daniela’s eyes reflected in one’s emotional health, that of our relationships and our capacity to see and embrace ourselves and others even in the realm of our limitations and failures, by taking self-responsability of both our outer and inner worlds. A “true yogi” grows and learns from all her life experiences and relationships, her identity is not limited, and her capacity to enjoy life and thrive expansive.


Quetzal Santiago


Quetzal (pronounced: ketsal) studied Contemporary Dance in Mexico, specialized in presentation and danced for the Mexico National Contemporary Ballet for five years and realized many individual projects together with other artists.

From 2004 to 2008 she got the Young Artists Grant from her state government and developed diverse coreographic projects which were presented in Switzerland as well as in Mexico. Her coreographies are strongly influenced by the day-to-day life and urban poetry.

In her path of explorations with the body movement, she started to practise yoga long time ago. But it was when she moved to Switzerland that it became an important part of her life.

Quetzal’s classes are a beautiful mix of her different backgrounds and her special energy.


Amrta Borok


As a child I was lucky enough to have a first hand experience to yoga, through my father who was an advanced practitioner on a daily basis. I was very eager to sit in Lotus pose and look at the pictures in his yoga books already in my early childhood years. I was 19 and lived in Vienna when I composed my first personal asana sequences for my daily practice. It gave me a deep taste for hatha yoga but it somehow I felt that yoga has more to offer. This striving and attachment to Yoga and India remained and even magnified so far that 1989 I joined a Bhakti Yoga Ashram at the Centre for Vedic Studies in Vienna where I could learn more about the ancient Vedic yoga heritage as we studied Yoga philosophy, Meditation, Sanskrit, Indian classical music and traditional Ayurvedic culinary art.


Michèle Melzer


I first discovered yoga 16 years ago when I found a book about Hatha Yoga during my college internship. I started my practice at home with the black and white copies I made from that old book. I immediately fell in love with Yoga, as I started to notice that I was finding a deeper connection with my true Self, and was eager to learn more. Self-practice became a constant in my life and over the years I found other styles and inputs to encourage my study.

In 2010 I found Vinyasa Yoga while living in Germany. When I moved to Basel I continued my practice at B.Yoga and completed the 200 Hr. RYT Vinyasa Karma Teacher Training in the spring of 2016. At the BYoga Studio I had the opportunity to study with most inspiring mentors like Daniela Fuentes, Amrta Borok, Sergio Iglesias and David Regelin.

Teaching yoga allows me to bring students into a space to let go, connect with Self, explore limits, and find their strength. I can gently help my students heal themselves in a holistic way and be there for them to find unity within and therefore with everything around them.


Sarah Maurer


Ever since Sarah can remember, the need for physical movement was a natural necessity for her. After spending time exploring different dance styles, she discovered yoga in 2011, thanks to friends. Through the years, it took her more and more into its spell. Not only did she become more aware of the importance of breathing, but she continued to gain deeper understanding of movements, inner and outer, for the proper development of mind and body. 

The desire to share and pass on these experiences, led to her 200h Teacher Training in Vinyasa Krama which she completed in 2016 at B.Yoga. With her training as a movement pedagogue (GDS / IfB) and further education as the heart therapist of the SAKR, she has also taught gymnastics, fitness and coronary classes aside from yoga.

Sarah’s classes are in a quiet Vinyasa style, which she likes to complete with restorative poses. It is a great privilege for her to share the joy of movement, to discover its lightness and firmness, without having to force the body to conform to an external image. According to her, it doesn’t matter if things aren’t perfect; in fact it is important to learn to accept, love and respect one’s own body and mind as they are. It is then, that yoga practice can be the time to feel alive, loved and free.


Valerie Imbach


Since I can remember, body movement and dance have always been a significant part in my life. A strong longing to go deeper into more subtle and holistic bodywork came up while I was studying movement education in Basel (GDS/IfB, Bewegungspädagogik, 2005-2008). That’s when I came across Yoga for the very first time.

Soon after, I found myself in India, seeking for deeper understanding, truth, love and hOMe. Since then my Yoga-mat has always been with me and my urge to learn, practice and develop led me to many different places and wonderful teachers around the globe: Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga, 50h TT), O.P. Tiwari (Pranayama), Surrinder Singh (Hatha Yoga), Ajay Kumar (Asthanga Yoga), Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy, Philosophy), Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga), Sienna Sherman (Anusara Yoga), Sharat Arora (Iyengar Yoga), Radhanath Swami-ji (Bhakti Yoga), Goenka-ji (Vipassana & Metta Meditation), Thich Nhat Hanh (Mindfulness, Buddhism).


Yota Tsotra


I discovered Yoga in 2004 in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Since then, Yoga has become an important part of my life: floating between art and science, as a visual artist and engineer, Yoga brought me to my center. I have been practicing different styles - Iyengar, AshtangaVinyasa - till 2006 when I moved to Basel and I was blessed to meet a wonderful teacher, Dan Fuentes, who introduced me to the Jivamukti Yoga world. This became since then my main Yoga practice, meeting beautiful teachers and friends who helped me to develop myself further. In November 2012 I undertook the 300hr Jivamukti Teacher Training in UK. I am thankful to my teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life and Yogeswari and to my beautiful mentor Rima Radi Rabbath.


Eva Meier


With a strong background in Gymnastics, Eva has always been seeking to explore her physical limits. Having started Yoga in 2012, she found a strong reconnection with her physical abilities as well a deeper understanding of her mind and spirit. A hidden revelation behind discovering Yoga was the sense of peace and joy to be found during its practice. Ever since the first contact with Yoga, she found it to be more than just a physical practice. Gradually she realized the importance of letting go of the idea that the goal was to achieve the most perfect and difficult poses. For her, life is about the journey, not the destination… and quite often trying can be more significant than achieving. Practicing Yoga has helped and enabled her to grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both in and out of the mat. Yoga has inspired her to live each moment mindfully.

Having completed the Vinyasa Krama 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at B.Yoga Basel, Switzerland, she clearly sees herself developing further in the Yoga community both as a student and as a teacher, seeking for opportunities to give back and share the loving wisdom gained during her training.

Teaching yoga is a challenge which brings her inner strength and peace. Often you will find Eva sharing her own passions in the class, aiming to help students develop in their life by guiding them to their own source of joy and energy. Her hope at the end of the class is for students to step out of the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.


Eliane Wehrli


When Eliane found herself needing a break from her full-time work, she quit her job and started traveling. Her travel journey began with a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali as an opportunity to dive deeper into the world of yoga. 

Years ago, Eliane discovered yoga with the hope to find some release and relief of her migrain. She practiced different styles of yoga, but found her deeper connected in a Vinyasa Yoga practice, as she likes the dynamic of the flow and the connection btw breath and movement. Lately she got more and more involved in the practice of Yin Yoga, where the awareness is more on meditative part in the practice. Her fascination about yoga is in the whole range and depth of what yoga offers. Yoga became a mental and physical medicine to her in all belongings and brings a perfect balance to her daily work as a graphic designer. 

Eliane's Yoga classes are based on a flowing vinyasa sequence, combining breath with movement. Her style is inspired by many teachers she met around the world on her own yoga journey as a student. 


Schalk Viljoen


Yoga came into my life when I moved from South Africa to Darmstadt in 2000. My practice deepened immensely once I discovered Jivamukti in New York in 2007. Since then the Jivamukti Community in London has been my spiritual home (thank you Emma, Cat, Durga). I completed the Jivamukti Teacher Training in 2011, under the watchful eyes of David Life, Sharon Gannon, Jeffrey Cohen and Lady Ruth in New York. I am a800-hr Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, having completed my apprenticeship with Emma Henry in London. The world of business and IT is the day job, yoga is the passion. Om shanti.


Dominique Cardito


Dominique completed her Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in 2013 with David Life, Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari and Patric Broom. In her teachings, she tries to transmit the physical as well as the spiritual treasures of yoga to her students. 

Apart from being a yoga teacher, Dominique is a freelance contemporary dancer. Through many years of dance training she gathered a lot of understanding of the human anatomy and on the flow and use of energy in the body.


Benjamin Lindh

VINYASA YOGA & circular flow movement TEACHER

Benjamin Lindh Medin has a background in yoga and contemporary dance. He grew up with yoga alongside his father who is an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher. From an early age, he has had the privilege to travel extensively to India and other parts of the world to learn and practice with many influential teachers in yoga, dance and bodywork. Besides yoga, he also teaches dance and gives treatments in Ayurvedic yoga massage.

Coming from dance and theatre, Benjamin had always been interested in a playful approach to yoga, emphasizing on the holistic aspects of the practice. Inspired by Qi Gong, he uses circular motion patterns and breath awareness as main principles.
How can we fine tune our awareness to open up inner channels and find a connection between the inner and outer body?

The last couple of years, Benjamin had been living in Norway as a self trained chef in Ayurvedic cuisine at a yoga retreat center. So far, he had been teaching in Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and the U.K. and now in Switzerland!


Sarka Prikrylova


Sarka is a Czech born, Basel based certified yoga instructor with experience teaching in both Asia and Europe. Since 2008 her yoga practice has continued to develop along with the guidance of many influential teachers worldwide.
Sarka's passion and experience in various body & mind oriented disciplines such as contact improvisation, contemporary dance, theatre improvisation, meditation, breathwork, diverse massage techniques along with her degree in Psychology she gained in West London University significantly contribute and influence her unique approach.
Her way of teaching is warm and nurturing with the right amount of challenge. Sarka sees the breath as the essential part of yoga practice as with its healing properties it activates our internal curing mechanism and also serves us as a reminder of presence and our own existence.


Rachel Meyer

Bhakti Flow Yoga Teacher & Writer

Rachel Meyer is an American writer and yoga teacher who believes in keeping things real. She draws from her roots in musical theater, theology, and the arts to teach a wholehearted, vigorous vinyasa.

Rachel completed her Masters in Systematic Theology in Berkeley, CA under groundbreaking feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, On Being, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, HuffPost, Parents Magazine, and more. She's trained with and assisted Rusty Wells, MC Yogi, and Amanda Giacomini, and taught for a decade in premier studios throughout San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; and Boston, MA. Her current style is influenced by the work of Larry Schultz (creator of The Rocket), Buddhist psychotherapist Michael Stone, and meditation teachers Sharon Salzberg, Ethan Nichtern, Jack Kornfield, and Tara Brach.

Rachel's vinyasa classes are rich in yoga philosophy, sweaty with hard work, and down-to-earth in tone. You can expect an Ashtanga-inspired pace, creative sequencing, a musical sensibility, and a vertical split or two along the way.

Rachel hopes you'll laugh as much as you sweat, and walk out feeling a little stronger, a little softer, and a lot more you.


Rebeca Revenga


Rebeca is an eternal explorer and curious student. She specialised in the field of counselling, emotional intelligence and public health, and in 2011, she incorporated yoga and awareness through breath centred movement.
She is a vinyasa flow yoga and mindful meditation teacher, with great passion for understanding anatomy and integrating a light-hearted approach in her classes. She offers creative, supportive, fun and transformative lessons and encourage her students to include practices of conscious flow into daily motion.
After her training in yoga for children, adolescent and families with Rainbow Yoga Alliance (YA) UK in Paris, 2015, she has been continuously studying ever since, taking inspiring workshops to evolve in her own practise. She completed her 200h. yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pranayama, Kriyas and Meditation in Kranti Yoga, India, YA UK and recently undertook a training with Jason Crandell, focus on how to understand, prevent and manage injuries in the yoga practise in Triyoga, London.


B.Yoga Astronauts & visiting teachers


Aysa Stettler


Teaching experience: Community classes at Sanapurna, Zürich- Vinyasa Flow class open to all levels. Yoga at Campus, Dreispitz FHNW, Basel Weekly Vinyasa class, donation based, open to all levels. Community classes at Om Factory, NYC Teaching theme based Vinyasa Flow classes open to all levels

Yoga at Park Donation based Vinyasa class open to all levels, Maria Hernandez Park, Brooklyn NYC. Aerial Yoga classes Aerial Yoga flow classes for beginner/advanced level, using the Hammock as a support and reflection tool and toy for aerial acrobatic orientated moves

Education : YTT Om Factory New York, Summer 2014 Aerial YTT Om Factory New York, Spring 2014

Dip. Zeitgenössische Bühnentänzerin an der ZTTS, Zürich 2007-2010