If you want to take your yoga practice to the next level. You have a steady yoga practice and you want to acquire a qualified yoga training in order to develop as a yoga teacher. If you have completed a Yoga Teacher Training and you want to absorb new inputs to grow your teaching practice. You want to change your life and the lives of others. This is for you.



After working intensely with our 4th. group of  Trainees, we are proud and excited to announce our 5th. B.Yoga Basel 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Vinyasa Krama & In-Depth Studies 2019 - 20. Join us and spend six months in the company of devoted yoga teachers & specialists with more than 10 years of experience. Allow your connection with Yoga practice to deepen and your teaching skills to blossom within an atmosphere of intimacy and security to develop a profound sense of yoga in your life.


What is Vinyasa Krama?

“Vinyasa Krama Yoga is an ancient practice of physical and spiritual development. It is a systematic method to study, practice, teach and adapt Yoga. This Vinyasa Krama approach to yogasana is unique in all of Yoga. By integrating the functions of mind, body and breath in the same time frame, a practitioner will experience the real joy of Yoga practice.”        

- Srivatsa Ramaswami


Understanding reality is understanding the changing nature of everything.

The sequence of asanas and their logical succession (Vinyasa) help us to gain a deeper awareness of this true changing nature of ourselves and our environment. The focused and unbroken intention that we embody at each step (Krama), linked with our conscious in- and out-breath brings us a little closer to the realisation of the process of development and constant becoming. 

These profound understandings when applied in a Vinyasa Krama yoga practice and daily life, can definitely lead to great personal transformation and growth which one learns to direct toward the benefit of all sentient beings. It is clearly an immensely valuable skill to channel consious intention for the betterment of all and an even greater privilege to be able to share and impart this ability to other seekers of truth. 

The B.Yoga 200hr Teacher Training course was all and more than I could have hoped for. As well as learning about yoga on a deeper level, it gave me the knowledge and understanding to build and teach a class as well as evolve my personal practice. I also discovered a lot about myself along the way. It has been a hugely rewarding 8 months.
— Testimonial. Trainee 2016-17


TRAINING BEGINS: Wednesday 28.August 2019

TRAINING CLASSES: Wednesdays & Fridays, 18:15 - 21:30 

AUTUMN BREAK: 28.September - 12.October 2019

YOGA & BREATH ANATOMY WEEKEND WITH LESLIE KAMINOFF : 23-24 November. 2019 9:30-17:00 (confirmed)

BREATH TO HEAL WEEKEND WITH MAX STROM: 13.-15. March 2020 (confirmed)

WINTER BREAK: 21.December 2019 - 4.January 2020 

FASNACHT BREAK: 22. February - 7. March 2020

TRAINING ENDS: 3. April 2020



Techniques, Training and Practice (100 Hrs.):

  • Asanas, Pranayama, Vinyasa Krama & Meditation in-Depth Studies

  • 30 Hour Adjustments Intensive Weekend with David Regelin

Teaching Methodology (35 Hrs.):

  • Perception of time & rhythm

  • Voice Training & Chanting

  • Professional & Business Ethics

Anatomy & Physiology (25 Hrs.):

  • Western Anatomy & Physiology

  • Eastern Anatomy & Physiology

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers (35 Hrs.)

  • Yoga Scriptures

  • Modern Yoga

  • Lineages & Schools

  • Contemporary Philosophy

  • Yoga Lifestyle in the Contemporary World

Practicum (10 Hrs):

  • Teaching Practices

  • Class Observations



TT MAIN TEACHER - Teaching Techniques, Methodology & Philosophy

1999-2004 / BA  Design–Metropolitan Autonomous University. MxCity.
2005/ It’s Yoga SF Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 200HR. Teacher Training. 
2008 – Jivamukti Yoga 300HR. Teacher Training Program. Rhynebeck,  NY.
2011 –  Jivamukti Yoga Advanced Certification Teacher Exam, Münich, DE.

2012-14- MAS Curating – Zürich University of Arts (ZHdK). Zürich, Switzerland.

Daniela is a designer/artist/curator who discovered Yoga in the late 90’s during her Design studies in Mexico City. Yoga spoke to the body’s memories of her gymnast years from early childhood and her innate spiritual curiosity. She began practicing at the age of 17 and after 20 years of practice and many different phases, Yoga practice has become a tool in her life that plays a very important role in her perspectives, relationships and creative work. Daniela has studied with many teachers and various methods of Yoga, but the most informing source to her teachings are her own yoga and creative practice, a geeky, secretive obsession on learning about the Psyche and, moreover, her curious mind.

Daniela’s classes are a mix of chants, philosophical-thought-provoking inputs with day-to-day examples, sound & breath awareness, body-intelligent flowy asana (yoga poses) sequences, hands-on assist through which you receive tremendous loads loving wisdom cultivated through her many years of practice and teaching, meditation & relaxation. You may find her connecting Yoga philosophy with Art theory one day, and then another talking about the incredible potential of Vinyasa practice on Neuroplasticity.

She likes to conceive “yogis” as random people who -as David Swenson wisely said once- leave a place a little bit better than how they found it. Advanced Yoga practice is in Daniela’s eyes reflected in one’s emotional health, that of our relationships and our capacity to see and embrace ourselves and others even in the realm of our limitations and failures, by taking self-responsability of both our outer and inner worlds. A “true yogi” grows and learns from all her life experiences and relationships, her identity is not limited, and her capacity to enjoy life and thrive expansive.

Yoga Instructor Emily.jpg

Emily Pease -

ANATOMY, Teaching Techniques & Methodology

For Emily, stepping onto the yoga mat is a refreshing reminder of what is important to her — that which keeps her feeling creative, inspired and in a meaningful relationship with life.

Yoga found Emily more than 10 years ago and has been a regular part of her life ever since. It wasn’t until some years after her 200-Hr Teacher Training at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health that Emily found her life leading her towards sharing her practice in a more formal setting as a teacher.

Far from her place of birth and an avid traveler, Emily’s yoga mat feels like ‘home’ to her wherever she lands. She has a great love for the practice and continues to evolve in her own study as a student. She has a great love for the practice, believing that she is first and foremost a student herself, and that the shared experience of teaching enriches her own personal study.

Now the mother of a spirited 4-year-old, Emily is especially interested in how yoga can enhance the well-being and confidence of children. She recently studied with Next Generation Yoga in Seattle, WA, USA and Rainbow Kids Yoga to learn how to combine playfulness and mindfulness on the mat for children.

Yoga instructor Amrta

Amrta Artur Borok
Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

When Amrta was 19 he joined a Bhakti Yoga Ashram at the Center for Vedic Studies in Vienna where he could immerse himself in the study of Yoga, Meditation, Sanskrit, Indian Classical Music, traditional ancient Indian philosophy and even Ayurvedic culinary art, to learn and experience more about the Vedic yoga heritage.



Yoga teacher ana



BA Opera Music. Conservatorio Nacional del Liceu de Barcelona.  
MA Early Music. School Cantorum Basel.

At the age of nine she began studying voice and piano at the Miguel Fleta Music School in Huesca (Spain). From there she went on to study voice at the Conservatorio Nacional del Liceu de Barcelona where she specialized in opera and received an Honor’s diploma. Subsequently she transferred to the Schola Cantorum in Basel to specialize in early music, where she studied with Dominique Vellard and Richard Levitt.

Since 2002 she is doing a research about the oral traditional music from Spain trying to find in this one keys for the interpretation of early music and performing this music with his own ensemble Vox suavis. With this ensemble has recorded the cd La voz del olvido for the label Aparte and distributed by Harmonia Mundi. She has performed regularly at international festivals in France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and she has given several tourney in the United states offering concerts in festivals like: St. Gaudens festival and Houston Early Music Festival. With the ensemble La cecchina specializes in early Italian baroque music and in 2005 recorded a cd dedicated to the composer Francesca Caccini in collaboration with the Swiss Radio and with the ensemble Gilles Binchois recorded the Stabat Mater composed by Dominque Vellard. Since 2005 Ana is a singing teacher and choir conductor at the music school of Leimental in Basel.



GENERAL FEES: 4800CHF / Early Bird 4500CHF* (until 15.June 2019 )

You may also choose to pay your fees in installments (for a total of 5000 CHF). The 1st payment (2500 CHF) is due before 1.July 2019 and 5 additional payments (500 CHF) are due on the 1st day of each month (1.Aug, 1.Sep, 1.Oct, 1.Nov & 1.Dec). All payments must be completed even if you decide to leave the course before its end.

* Includes: Study Materials, all TT courses & Unlimited Classes at B.Yoga during the training duration.


REDUCED PRICE: 4000CHF/ Early Bird 3800CHF* ( until 15.June 2019)

You may also choose to pay your fees in installments (for a total of 4250 CHF ). The 1st payment (2000 CHF) is due before 1.July 2019 and 5 additional payments (450 CHF) are due on the 1st day of each month (1.Aug, 1.Sep, 1.Oct, 1.Nov & 1.Dec). All payments must be completed even if you decide to leave the course before its end.

Reduced pricing is appropriate for students, current B.Yoga Unlimited Year Members or qualify because of financial need.

* Includes: Study Materials & all TT courses.



To apply send your personal details, yoga experience and motivation letter to dan@byoga.ch or fill up the following form. A personal interview will be scheduled if we accept your application. 


  • We recommend that you have a steady Yoga Practice for a minimum of 2 years before the Teacher Training begins.

  • Fees need to be paid in full before the training begins unless according to the Installments plans. There are NO refunds for Teacher Training Fees.

  • A Teaching Position at B. Yoga Basel is not guaranteed for those who graduate from the training.


RYS 200 yoga alliance

B.YOGA BASEL is a Registered Yoga School certified by the Yoga Alliance. This program is officially registered and certified by the Yoga Alliance 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training Standards 2017