What do I bring?

B.Yoga does provide props and yoga mats but we recommend bringing your own yoga mat (or storing your personal mat at the studio). Some students bring a water bottle and a small towel. We do not charge fees for the use of a studio Mat or Props.

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing that are not too baggy so that teachers can watch your alignment. You may choose to wear socks into the classroom but generally yoga is practiced in bare feet.

Which class is right for me?

All classes are geared towards the attending group. Every teacher and therefore every class will have its own feel and style. All classes unless otherwise noted are open to all students of all levels of practice. If you are new to yoga we recommend participating in a Beginners Class or Beginner Series (Workshop) prior to joining our other open classes. However, you are free to begin taking any open/drop-in class at any time.  For more information regarding class types please visit our Class Descriptions or Online Schedule.

What about my shoes? 

Please remove your shoes at the main aisle as you enter and store your coats/bags/etc. in the appropriate place. If you are new to the studio or new to a particular teacher or teaching style please introduce yourself to the teacher and alert him/her to any injuries or health limitations you have. If another class is in session, use soft voices before and after class to respect the other's class experience. We kindly request that cell phones are turned off or silent.

When should I arrive? I am late!

Please arrive at least five minutes before the start of the class you will attend. If you are new to B.Yoga please plan to arrive fifteen minutes early on your first visit so you have plenty of time to complete a Registration Form and settle in. Students who will arrive late to class should call the studio to find out if their late arrival will be okay. During the daytime the door to the studio is closed and locked at the start of class and so late arrivals are typically turned away. During the evening hours you may be asked to join the class after the seated meditation & centering.

Signing In

You can sign in online for classes and workshops as well and give your name at the Front Desk. Please reserve a space in a class only if you intend to join. If you are not preregistered through MindBody you will need to stop at the front desk on your way into the studio to announce your arrival. We request that class payments are completed before the start of class.