Special Membership Discount for BIKRAM YOGA BASEL Ex-Members


This message is to all ex-members of the Bikram Yoga Basel.

First of all, we are very sorry to hear about the recent closing of the Bikram Yoga studio. We at B.Yoga have been in constant touch with some of its members and were quite frankly trying to figure out ways to support the people affected by it in the yoga community. Although not offering Bikram Yoga ourselves, we definitely want to make sure that all Yogis and Yoginis have a space to keep their yoga practice going. 

So after considering many factors, this is what we came up with :

All ex-members who had a running membership at the Bikram Yoga Basel can avail a 50% DISCOUNT on a B.Yoga membership of equivalent or lesser value! *

It is understandable that it may be difficult to sway from a particular form of Yoga and one's regular classes. And yet, Yoga could also be about simply growing through maintaining a constant practice, irrespective of the style and place! This has repeatedly been shown by some of the Bikram Yoga Basel ex-members who are already having a very graceful transition to the schedule, classes and atmosphere at B.Yoga.

We would be glad to warmly welcome you to B.Yoga should you choose to join us and in any case wish you all the best with your ongoing practice!


The B.Yoga Team


* General Conditions:

1. All discounts shall be applicable only upon a show/proof of a RUNNING membership at the Bikram Studio (receipts, invoices etc).

2. Any discount applicable cannot be redeemed for a B.Yoga membership of higher price/duration than the existing one.

3. This is a one-time offer and discounts cannot be used for further membership purchases.

4. Offer valid till 31. October 2018.

Consider these examples:

  • If you had a valid 10-Classes pack at Bikram (more than 5 remaining classes) : 50% off on a B.Yoga 10-Classes Packs only.

  • If you had a valid 10-Classes pack at Bikram (less than 5 remaining classes) : 50% off on respective no. of B.Yoga Single Classes

  • If you had running unlimited 6-month membership at Bikram : 50% off on a B.Yoga Unlimited Semester/Trimester/Month Memberships BUT NOT ON an Unlimited Year Membership.