Why are we moving? How is the new studio going to be?

Dear all,

Thanks so much for being a courageous early backer! We are looking forwards to share this dream made true with you and we feel humbled of having you holding our backs.

A bit of history recap always helps to get a clearer perspective on the future. The first time Daniela envisioned the yoga studio in the 4th floor was already several years ago. She saw through the DEISS elevator the respective floor, looked very similar to the 5th. floor but without walls! Perfect for a yoga studio. The 4th. floor used to be the DEISS shoe shop’s storage room, it was equipped with a special metal structure to store thousands of shoe pairs in the less possible space.

When DEISS closed, the possibility of moving to the 4th. floor became a potential reality. And finally this year, after joyfully witnessing our community grow exponentially for the past 3 years, to the point some classes were way beyond their capacity (in the photo we were 39 people in class! goshh, how did we actually managed that day? with lots of tolerance, love and humor), we decided moving was the best choice for the future of the yoga studio and the well being of the community.

An epic Saturday Morning Class with 39 b.yogis

An epic Saturday Morning Class with 39 b.yogis

Beside the number of students in class, we observed as well people staying after class quite often and talking with other b.yogis either in the aisle or in the street. Several times we had to ask people to stay silent as they were heard inside the yoga rooms, which wasn’t cool for any of both groups of people.

The new studio will have bigger yoga rooms, with a capacity of comfortably taking a group of 20 people for the small room and 35 for the big one. For the exceptional times in which we have bigger classes both rooms will be combined to make a room with a capacity of 45-50 people. So you don’t have to skip anymore the weekend morning classes out of fear of not finding space!

We will have much more space for people to stay before and after class and a little kitchen/cafe to provide drinks and snacks.

We will keep you posted about how B.Yoga is transforming.

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Stay tuned,

Daniela & the B.Yoga family