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Thai Massage Workshop with Zoltan Gyorgyovics / 7 - 8. December 2019

Thai Massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. The practitioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and balance.

In this workshop Zoltan will share his deep passion for Thai Massage, which he has been developing for many years. He will teach a beautiful sequence from the feet to the head, applying techniques from traditional Thai Massage with influence from Osteopathy and Craniosacral Therapy.

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Breathe to Heal Weekend Training with Max Strom / 13 - 15. March 2020

We currently have a worldwide epidemic of stress and anxiety that is stifling our happiness, creativity, and intimacy. Max Strom will reveal his core principles of breathing and movement patterns to alleviate anxiety, PTSD, depression, and sleep disorder based on his two decades of teaching and his in-depth knowledge of Hatha Yoga and QI Gong.

This training is for people from all levels of fitness and walks of life suffering from extreme stress. No previous experience necessary. Also extremely useful for medical practitioners, therapists, and yoga teachers who want to incorporate this work into their healing repertoire.

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