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Thai Yoga Massage Beginner Course with Zoltan Gyorgyovics / 13. April - 2. June 2019

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient holistic healing art based on the principles of Yoga philosophy.

This is an 8-day beginner course – consisting of 4 weekends over a period of 2 months. The course is certified by the Sunshine Network and led by the sincerely inspiring and experienced teacher Zoltan Gyorgyovics.

This course is open to complete beginners, repeat learners and advanced students, as well as bodyworkers from other therapy disciplines and yoga students/teachers. 

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Easter Thai Yoga Massage Retreat "The Evolution of Thai Healing Art" with Zoltan Gyorgyovics / 18-22. April 2019


Discover the beauty of traditional Thai Yoga Massage combined with the precision of Osteopathy and the depth of Biodynamic Healing in the beautiful bernese alps.

In this retreat we will gather together to dive deep into the experience of healing touch.

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Ashtanga Workshops with Ty Landrum / 26-28. April 2019

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a brilliant exploration of the wonder of embodied experience. The practice revolves around an organic sequence of breath and movement that opens the inner space of the body, and encourages the creative currents of consciousness to flow. When consciousness moves through the body without obstruction, it releases thoughts, emotions and memories from the distant past, the remnants of which burn brightly in our awareness, before disappearing back into the emptiness from which they arose. Through this process, we lighten ourselves of the sediment of past experience, so we can engage ourselves with more openness, compassion and clarity. And we do so while continuing to breathe sweetly through the forms, and reveling in the quiet exhilaration of coming undone. In this workshop, we explore the simple but profound techniques that bring the Ashtanga practice alive—tracing internal currents of breath, balancing subtle patterns of sensation, moving the body from the inside, and opening ourselves for spontaneous psychical release. Appropriate for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this workshop will interlace traditional asana practice, somatic exploration, subtle alignment, pranayama and philosophy. You will sweat, soften, revel, release, and fall in love all over again with the beauty and brilliance of this unique contemplative form.

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