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Special Class: XL Yoga Class and Applied Spirituality on Relationships with Daniela Fuentes and Mathias Fritzen/ Sun 19. May 2019

A long, complete and well-rounded Yoga Session to refine and deepen our connection to Asana practice as well as more subtle aspects of the Yoga practice like Mantra (chanting), Pranayama (breath) & Dhyana (Meditation). This extra long yoga class is designed to allow us to devote qualitative and explorative time to each aspect of the Yoga practice and their relationships.

The Yoga class taught by Daniela and accompanied by Mathias explores Yoga for body and mind on RELATIONSHIPS.

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Toddler Yoga Series: Spring is in the Air with Emily Pease / 03 - 24. May 2019

Come celebrate the arrival of spring through simple and fun yoga poses for you and your kid(s). Be a tweeting bird, buzzing bumblebee, beautiful butterfly, and more! Together we will make it blossom in the B.Yoga studio.

Get your little one started on their yoga journey! Physical play joins creativity in this class attended by toddlers and their parent or caregiver. Through animal poses, songs, stories and games we will slither and fly into new yoga worlds together. Toddlers will tap into a healthy outlet for boundless energy, newfound physical capabilities, and their colorful imagination. Parents & caregivers: bring your laughter and be prepared to get a little silly. Toddler yoga is child-centered and offered in English.

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