Special Class: XL Yoga Class and Applied Spirituality on Relationships with Daniela Fuentes and Mathias Fritzen/ Sun 19. May 2019

A long, complete and well-rounded Yoga Session to refine and deepen our connection to Asana practice as well as more subtle aspects of the Yoga practice like Mantra (chanting), Pranayama (breath) & Dhyana (Meditation).

This extra long yoga class is designed to allow us to devote qualitative and explorative time to each aspect of the Yoga practice and their relationships.

The Yoga class taught by Daniela and accompanied by Mathias explores Yoga for body and mind on RELATIONSHIPS.


We are in relationship with everything.

Our body that just doesn’t seem to want to relax into a certain asana. Nagging repetitive thoughts of the inner critic. Mother- and father-in-law constantly giving »good« advice. Cute cats, barking dogs, nature, allergies, inner energies, Trump building a wall, tax papers and last but not least our partner.

We are in relationship with everything.

If we want it or not.

We can’t NOT relate.

Let’s take our relationships to another level!

In this full immersion session for body and mind, Daniela and Mathias open a door for you to do exactly that – consciously create your relationships.


Sun 19. May 2019


11.00 - 13.30


General* - 40.-

Students & Reduced - 20.-

B.Yogis** - 10.-

* Class-Packs can be used for equivalent value

** with valid memberships(e.g. Year, Semester, Trimester etc.)

About Mathias


Mathias has had a lifelong love affair with the search for Truth and deeper understanding of life. His firm belief in the power of direct experiencing has taken him being someone, being no-one, and ultimately being simply committed to Truth.

With a mix of compassion and no-bullshit directness, Mathias creates a space which is fertile for transformation. He currently holds workshops, retreats and individual 1:1 sessions. All of these have one goal – to be of service to others in shedding the layers of illusory identification in order to reconnect to lasting freedom and innermost happiness. Find out more here www.MathiasFritzen.com