Xmas Special Live Music Yoga Class and Kirtan with Johannes Vogt & Valerie Imbach / 22. December 2019

Special Yoga Class given by Valerie Imbach accompanied with live music by Johannes Vogt followed by a Kirtan concert.

Join either one or both and dive into this uplifting energy to nourish yourself and connect with the comunity in Satsanga.



Yoga with live music

Su 22/12/2019 17:30  - 18:45

This gentle yoga class will be guided by Valerie Imbach together with healing sounds shared by Johannes Vogt: gentle ambient live music on handpan and guitar with meditative chanting of ancient mantras and sacred modern healing songs create space for a deep yogic expierence.


Su 22/12/2019 19:00  - 20:30

Kirtan is a practice of devotional singing, the Yoga of chanting!! It connects us to the divine energies and invites them inside our own hearts. It is a Yoga practice that honours the divine and offers deep gratitude. It also helps us to heal and feel empowered.
The Mantras bring refuge in the times of need. They bring peace and connection to the heart.
A wonderful, heart opening experience going beyond the asanas...
Johannes is leading this evening with sacred Mantras and healing Songs.

About Valerie

Ever since body movement and dance have always been a significant part in Valerie's life. A strong longing to go deeper into more subtle and holistic bodywork came up while she was studying movement education in Basel (GDS/IfB, Bewegungspädagogik, 2005-2008). That’s when she came across Yoga for the very first time.
Soon after, Valerie found myself in India, seeking for deeper understanding, truth, love and hOMe. Since then her Yoga-mat has always been with her and her urge to learn, practice and develop led her to many different places and wonderful teachers around the globe: Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga, 50h TT), O.P. Tiwari (Pranayama), Surrinder Singh (Hatha Yoga), Ajay Kumar (Asthanga Yoga), Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy, Philosophy), Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga), Sienna Sherman (Anusara Yoga), Sharat Arora (Iyengar Yoga), Radhanath Swami-ji (Bhakti Yoga), Goenka-ji (Vipassana & Metta Meditation), Thich Nhat Hanh (Mindfulness, Buddhism).

About Johannes Vogt

Johannes is a Yoga Teacher, Musician, Ayurveda and Thai Massage Practitioner. He is based in Germany, in the Black Forrest. He loves to bring the Bhakti Aspect of Devotion and loving kindness together with music and Dharma Teachings of the Buddhist and Advaita Vedanta Tradtions in an undogmatic way. He believes in the power of weaving different approaches of Yoga, Music and Bodywork together, to create a space for Healing and Joy. Johannes has travelled extensively all over the world and spent time studying with Teachers of different Traditions.
Johannes holds diplomas from the Sivananda Yoga Organization, The American Institute of Vedic Studies and the Sunshine Thai Massage Network.
In 2016 Johannes released his first Kirtan EP "Sharanam" with Classical Bhajans and Mantras like the Hanuman Chalisa.


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*B.Yogis & Students