Thai Yoga Massage Beginner Course with Zoltan Gyorgyovics / 6. April - 26. May 2019

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient holistic healing art based on the principles of Yoga philosophy.

This is an 8-day beginner course – consisting of 4 weekends over a period of 2 months. The course is certified by the Sunshine Network and led by the sincerely inspiring and experienced teacher Zoltan Gyorgyovics.

This course is open to complete beginners, repeat learners and advanced students, as well as bodyworkers from other therapy disciplines and yoga students/teachers. 




• History, roots and philosophy of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

• Essential principles for the practitioner - harmony in movement, correct posture and rhythm, spiritual background, attitude and approach.

• Indications and contraindications of the techniques

• Locating and working on the energy lines

• Treatment positions: prone, supine, side-lying

• Meditation and Yoga

• Individual support, guidance and growth


6. / 7.    APRIL 2019

13. / 14. APRIL 2019

11. / 12. MAI 2019

25. / 26. MAI 2019


Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art based on the principles of yoga philosophy. The practitioner uses the physical body as a tool to access the subtle bodies, in order to bring physical, mental and spiritual healing and balance.

Blockages can be released and the energy restored to its natural flow by the application of rhythmic pressure on energy lines throughout the entire body, the stretching of muscles inspired by yoga-asanas and the mobilization of the main joints.

Because this massage is working on the different body layers (koshas) the release works on an emotional, energetic and physical level. Thai Yoga Massage could be seen as a moving meditation. When performed with awareness, equanimity and loving kindness, practicing Thai Yoga Massage trains the body, the mind and the heart. It becomes a mutual meditation and a powerful energetic exchange with many benefits for both giver and receiver.


Our Thai Yoga Massage training will focus on the systematic tuition of a full body massage. The aim of the course is for the participant to be able to give a full two hours treatment to an average healthy patient.

In accordance with the spiritual traditions in which our massage is rooted, the 50 hours of hands-on training will be complemented by morning yoga - in which we may experience the stretches, pressures and energy lines worked on during the massage as well as early morning meditation sessions - in which the state of mind recommended by the tradition for Thai Yoga Massage is explained and can then be experienced and cultivated.


· Beginners wishing to learn how to work with the body and discover new and deeper ways of touching and relating

· Yoga teachers, physiotherapists, shiatsu therapists, osteopaths, massage therapists (…) who want to broaden their skills and deepen their existing practice

· Or in other words, the course is open to all, with an openness and affinity to give and receive on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

· Since Thai Yoga Massage is done on massage tatamis on the ground, a basic physical ability to spend time on the ground is the only physical requirement for participation.


The backbone of the course is the book „The Art of Traditional Thai Massage” written by Asokananda, who is the founder of the Sunshine Network. He wrote this book in 1990, and it still forms the fundament of most teaching today.

A printed manual, including theory, philosophy and the sequence in detail will be handed out in the beginning of this course.


8 days of Thai Yoga Massage teachings, daily morning Meditation & Yoga, a printed manual, a certificate by the end of the completed course, tea and snacks.


All those successfully completing the beginners course will receive a signed Sunshine Network certificate of their studies consisting of 70 hours.


8.00 - 9.30: Meditation & Yoga *

10.00 - 13.00: Thai Yoga Massage Training 1

14.00 - 17.00: Thai Yoga Massage Training 2

*Yoga & Meditation are optional, but recommended for the Thai Yoga Massage Training followed after. The yoga classes are taught by Valerie Imbach. 

About Zoltan

Born in Budapest, Hungary, 1978.

At the age of 23 Zoltan went to India to study hindi and sitar. India was the place where he started to feel humanity, even as people around were poor and had no money; just a handful of food to eat - they showed that we can listen to each other, and take care of each other, and that there is lot to share even if we do not have anything in the material world…

Later he came across yoga and started to practice intensively with two teachers in Shivananda ashram, Rishikesh. This brought about a big change physically, mentally and spiritually. This change caused a recognition to work with the energy system of yoga…He did not know how or what - but started to feel that he wants to help other beings as the system was helping and opening him as well.

After two years he returned to Budapest and started his study as a medical massage therapist. Duringthis time he met his first Thai Yoga Massage teacher, who planted “a good spirit” within his heart and trained him in the basic principles: not only Thai Yoga Massage, but concentration meditation and Vipassana.

In 2006, Zoltan started to study with other teachers and became an assistant. In this way he was refining his techniques and learning the way of teaching and sharing during many, many years. In 2008 came his first trip to Thailand, where he continued to assist and study more with different teachers and schools. During this period he started to give treatments and attended many Vipassana retreats.

Since 2014 he is a fully authorized teacher of the Sunshine Network and teaching Thai Yoga Massage workshops and courses all around the globe.

Zoltan appreciates a lot to have had the chance to study with the two founders of Osteothai (a mixture of Thai Massage and Osteopathy) which left a big imprint in his way of treating and inspired him to finally start studying Osteopathy in Switzerland (SICO - swiss international school of osteopathy) where he lives, treats and teaches nowadays.

“Zoltan is not a monk, guru, yogi, or teacher… just a simple human being with a big heart.

When he teaches, his whole being is blooming! His huge passion for holistic bodywork, his sensitivity and sincerity, his authenticity and big compassionate heart is touching his students right into their essence and awakens and inspires them to keep practicing this beautiful art of touch and integrate its philosophy into daily life.”

About Valerie

Valerie will be teaching the Yoga classes. 

Born in Zug, Switzerland 1984.

Since Valerie can remember, body movement and dance have always been a significant part in her life. A strong longing to go deeper into more subtle and holistic bodywork came up while she was studying movement education in Basel (GDS/IfB, Bewegungspädagogik, 2005-2008). That’s when she came across Yoga for the very first time.

Soon after, Valerie found herself in India, seeking for deeper understanding, truth, love and "home". Since then her Yoga-mat has always been with her and the urge to learn, practice and develop led her to many different places and wonderful teachers around the globe: Stephen Thomas (Hatha Yoga, Pranayama), Biff Mithoefer (Yin Yoga, 50h TT), O.P. Tiwari (Pranayama), Surrinder Singh (Hatha Yoga), Ajay Kumar (Asthanga Yoga), Doug Keller (Yoga Therapy, Philosophy), Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga), Sienna Sherman (Anusara Yoga), Sharat Arora (Iyengar Yoga), Radhanath Swami-ji (Bhakti Yoga), Goenka-ji (Vipassana & Metta Meditation), Thich Nhat Hanh (Mindfulness, Buddhism).

Side by side with her yoga path Valerie discovered Thai Yoga Massage and its immense benefits and healing power. She’s been studying this beautiful art of touch in Thailand and Europe with different teachers since 2010. In 2016 Valerie started to study Osteopathy in Switzerland (SICO - swiss international college of osteopathy) to deeper understand the holistic inter-web of our bodies...


(reserved in advance)

1200 CHF (1000 CHF reduced*)

* for B.Yoga Members and Students



If you would like to directly experience a full Thai Yoga Massage in Basel before, during or after the course, you can book a treatment with Zoltan:


Phone: 077 970 95 88


Costs: 150 CHF for a 90min – 2 hours treatment.